Saturday, December 31, 2011


SNOWY & JOSEPH: Born - December 30th & 31st. SWEEEEEEEEET!!!!!!! You know what this means folks? It means I am DONE!!! I have successfully built and donated 365 Sock Monkeys for the year 2011!!! Yay me!
Seriously, they are the last two of the year and also the last for my personal challenge of making one a day in 2011. Am I proud of myself? You bet! Did I think I could do it? You bet! Am I happy it's finished? Ummmm.... maybe but now what am I going to do with my time????
Have no fear. I always have something on the go or in my head ready to be created. I will continue with the monkeys but Iwill also be adding my Sock Owls, Sock Monsters & Critters, maybe even a Sock Puppet or two...

I would like to thank my biggest supporters: Bev, Duane, Alex, Bailey, Weston, Elliot, Brenda, Kate, and all those that continually read my blog and laughed along with me. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You believed in me and helped make it happen.

I wish to thank every single Sock Monkey/Monster I created this year. You taught me about commitment and quite possibly you'll get me committed....

Lastly, I wish to give a heartfelt thank you to all the people, children, family & friends I donated to this year. You are what made this project important to me. God bless you all in 2012.

Yours in Monkey business,
Jessica Latour



    They are all great! I'll miss seeing all of the creative creations week after week.

    Well done and Happy New Year!

  2. Thank you Jen! Please keep reading and commenting as I will continue to post monkeys, monsters & critters. Maybe not as often but, they'll be there. Can't forget to name one after you now can I??

  3. I have thoroughly enjoyed each and everyone! I can always count on your blog to make me smile :) Thank you Jessica! You deserve a HUGE pat on your back for being committed........oooops I meant for being 'so' committed.