Sunday, December 4, 2011


OSCAR: Born - December 1st. Oscar lives in a garbage can on Sesame Street and is grumpy all the -- WAIT! Wrong Oscar! Oscar the Sock Monkey lives beside a garbage can in an old cardboard box on Poppy Street and is happy all the time. Yup, happy ole Oscar. Gets rather annoying though - especially when you just want to be alone and Oscar jumps out of his box and starts singing "If You're Happy and You Know It" while doing the Sock Monkey "Happy Dance"... not good when you're sporting a hangover either...just saying.
ARBEAU: Born - December 2nd. Arbeau has a special talent she would like to share on Ellen one day. She can stand on her head, drink a banana shake, recite the Ten Commandments, chew gum, while propping a stack of dishes on her tail all at the SAME TIME!! It's pretty cool to watch - especially when you spike the banana shake and feed her a few before she attempts her act. Now that's entertainment!
ODIN: Born - December 3rd. Odin is named after a Norse God who's role was complex. He was associated with war, battle, victory and death BUT also, wisdom, magic, poetry and prophecy. Talk about confusing the heck out of someone! Maybe that's why Odin the Sock Monkey has had 14 different careers in his short life so far. Maybe that's also why his favourite job so far is a beer taster - after a few, it takes the confusion away...
Author's note: I just realized that all three of these bios have something to do with drinking. I would like to make it clear that I don't encourage drinking among my Sock Monkeys - a drunk Sock Monkey is not fun to be around. I DO encourage having fun and hey, if I've had one too many coffee and Bailey's first thing in the morning when I'm writing a bio, well, lucky for you!!  

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