Tuesday, December 13, 2011


DASHER: Born - December 11th. Dasher is quite dashing - a fine specimen of a young Sock Monkey, all the ladies adore him. Why he's so dashing that (this is where you say "how dashing is he?") -  he's so dashing that when Sock Monkey girls walk by they... they...ummmmm....okay, I'm no good at these dumb jokes, YOU fill in the blank!
BLITZENBorn - December 12th. Blitzen had a huge zit on the end of his nose and was therefore bypassed the night they chose Rudolph. Bastards...
DONNER: Born - December 13th. Donner was almost a gonner when he met Jen O'Conner but he didn't wanner (on my honour) so she dated an Afrikaner who has a medal of honor and tried to off Donner.  Say that five times really fast! 
Author's note: Freakin' reindeer - they're nuts!  AND, there is such a word as "Afrikaner", look it up.

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  1. Isn't Blitzen in the background of the new ProActive commercial? I am sure I saw him. The credits said the producer was A South African Dutch? Whoda' thunk it?