Friday, December 16, 2011


PRANCER: Born - December 14th. Prancer is a "Tailoptimist" and has his own practice in the jungle under the shade of a banana tree. What is a "tailoptimist" you may ask? Someone who specializes in tails of course! Prancer is the top Sock Monkey in his field and can reconstruct a tail in less time than it takes you to count the seeds in a watermelon. If you ever have a problem with your tail, Prancer is your monkey!
VIXEN: Born - December 15th. So here are two definitions to the word vixen: a female fox OR a woman regarded as quarrelsome, shrewish or malicious. Now does that definition look like it would suit Vixen? Firstly, he's not a female anything, he's a guy Sock Monkey. Secondly, look how friendly and sweet he looks in his picture - there's not a "shrewish or malicious" bone in his body. Who the hell named him Vixen anyway? Oh yeah...that was me...
NOEL: Born - December 16th. Noel is born on the same day my mother happens to celebrate her birthday. That sucks for Noel as today has to be all about my mother NOT Noel the Sock Monkey. Actually, I felt kinda bad for Noel, he thought the cake in the kitchen was for him and "Happy Birthday Mum" written on it was just to throw him off and make him think he wasn't getting a cake. Wasn't fun having to tell him the cake really was for my mother and he really wasn't getting any. Didn't know Sock Monkey's could cry...
Author's note: Don't get all snooty with me people, he'll get his cake tomorrow....

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  1. Prancer - What about all those seedless watermelon? I guess a meat cleaver would be just as quick.
    Vixen - I wonder if this is one of those Sur. names as a first name. Maybe his mother was a Vixen?
    Noel - I love you more than Jessica does, so I will share the perfect cake with you. Banana Rum Cake!