Saturday, July 9, 2011


LILAC & FRITZ: Born - July 8th & 9th respectively. This young Sock monkey duo are the co-creators of an environmental group called "Monkeys Against Stupid Humans". When you use the acronym, it spells out MASH, which is what this group would like to do to the humans that destroy habitat. Did you know that since the early 1900's when we really started destroying natural habitats, over 3,733,950 species of bird, animal, mammal & insect have become extinct?! This is insane folks!! I think Lilac and Fritz have the right idea. We should all work on less extinction and more protection for the animal kingdom of this planet. Could you imagine what would happen if Sock Monkeys became extinct?? Everyone LOVES sock monkeys! Support M.A.S.H. and let's stomp out extinction. Who knows, maybe one day it will be the human race battling for their lives...

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