Sunday, July 31, 2011


HANES: Born - July 29th. Hanes is an Astronaut. He has been in space so many times he has now lost count. How is that possible you might ask? Well, the SMSS. has a secret island base where they send all kinds of satellites and spacecraft into space almost every day. Why? Unbeknownst to us fickle humans, the SMSS (which stands for "Sock Monkey Secret Service) plans to one day rule this planet. Believe me, then you'll truly understand the meaning of "Monkey Business"....
SYD: Born - July 30th. Syd is an engineer for the SMSS and makes a s**tload of money! He can put together a Sock Monkey spacecraft in under 10 days and have it operational and ready for lift off in 20. He invests his money wisely and is the secret owner of all Starbucks franchises. He is slowly taking over the world one cup of coffee at a time.... Another diabolical SMSS plan well underway.
BUCK: Born - July 31st. Buck is clueless. Seriously. He really has no idea about what goes on around him and believes that Sock Monkeys and humans can co-exist peacefully. The SMSS uses him as a cover-up and  feeds his idea of peaceful living in order to throw the innocent humans off their trail. Some of us know better though and are working to shut the SMSS down.... Maybe Buck is a spy for our side and he's just a really good actor. Guess we'll never know....

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