Saturday, June 11, 2011


THADEUS: Born - June 7th. Thadeus is a serious young Sock Monkey. So serious in fact that it's hard to get this monkey to crack a smile. We took him to Yuk-Yuks one night with the hopes that he wold unwind a little and laugh a lot. However, though he did smile a few times and even out right grinned once, we did not get any laughter out of him. I think our next attempt will be tickle therapy. This new treatment is supposed to be the best out there and we only want the best for our Thadeus. Really, who ever heard of a serious Sock Monkey?
LINCOLN: Born - June 8th. Lincoln is a girl Sock Monkey, let's get that cleared up first. Her brothers Nixon and Reagan like to tease her and make her think she was supposed to be a male monkey not a female - typical sibling spats.... Lincoln takes it all in stride and fires back with the fact that she's named after one of the greatest Presidents of all times while Nixon was involved in the Watergate Scandal and Reagan was a washed out actor pretending to be a president. Way to fight back Lincoln - don't take crap from your siblings!!
BETHANY: Born - June 9th. Bethany, what a lovely name for a lovely Sock Monkey. Bethany is kind and very sweet. Her quiet manner is welcomed in a room full of rambunctious Sock Monkey. When all hell breaks lose, Bethany is the voice of reason and can calm any situation down in seconds. Bethany used to work as a Bouncer at the Zoo, but got tired of dealing with monkeys well into their banana daiquiris... I don't blame her - those monkeys can get a little crazy when they've had one too many. Yup, crazy sock monkeys everywhere....

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