Monday, June 27, 2011


HINKLEY & KRICKET: Born - June 22nd & 23rd.  Hinkley and Kricket are a lovely young couple that have just recently immigrated to Canada from England. These two monkeys have decided they would like to be nannies and help raise human children. They have both recently upgraded their First Aid and also love cooking, reading, are fluent in Latin, Spanish, French and Russian, and play every sport imaginable. Hinkley and Kricket would be perfect Nannies and hope to be gainfully employed in the next month. Not only will they educate your child, keep them active and well read, they will also teach them to climb trees, swing by their tails and - WAIT! Humans don't have tails....hmmmmmm. Okay, forget the swinging part. Your kids are gonna love bananas.
Should you wish to interview these two for a possible position, just leave a comment and I'll let them know. Then I'll call social services.....

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