Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Oliver & Harley

A close up....
Different angle - notice the Harley Caps...
OLIVER & HARLEY: Born - June 30th. These two characters have been created for the Hay River Annual Toy Run. Every year this amazing group of Bikers gather as many toys as they can and ships them off to children in need.  I will be donating my next batch of Sock Monkeys (approximately 70) to this cause with hopes of making a child smile! Harley and Oliver (as far as I understand) will be auctioned off at their wrap-up party this coming weekend.
Harley is a Sock Monster. He has the coolest Harley Davidson leather vest and cap that were found at a Flea Market in Edmonton and I had to restitch it to fit him. He also has horns, a beard AND a fang. He may look a little mean, but he's just a big ole teddy bear - I mean Sock Monkey inside. As for Oliver, he IS a Sock Monkey. Once the cap was attached to his head, he looked like an "Oliver Twist" character, hence the name. I found a Harley Davidson patch and lovingly created a t-shirt for him and stitched the decal on.
Oliver and Harley are good friends and enjoy riding on Motorbikes of ANY kind. They will have your back in any situation and are there to keep you safe. Harley knows about 14 different kinds of Karate and Oliver, well...he just bites. Great team to have on your side should you ever need it....
I hope whomever purchases these two this weekend will enjoy them as much as I did creating them!

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