Thursday, June 30, 2011


Brinn, Mr. Chubs & the Sock Monkeys
Hello again my loyal followers and readers. Today marks the end of another successful month of Monkey making. The above picture is my lovely niece, Brinn. She happened to stay an extra few days after a family wedding and helped me out by agreeing to be my Sock Monkey model for June. AND, if you notice on her lap, in between the two monkeys is a sock owl. Brinn picked him out of a stash I had made last year and called him "Mr. Chubs". Out of her bag she grabbed him and in to the picture he went!
On another note and just to keep you in the loop, this weekend is the Bikers Annual Toy Run and I will be donating the last 3 months worth of Sock Monkeys to their cause. I am hoping to get some great pictures of the monkeys and bikes - should be interesting!
Thanks again to all those who drop socks off to me - I appreciate every pair! A big thanks to my niece Brinn for being my model (and Mr. Chubs). Keep reading and commenting folks - so nice to hear from all of you.

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