Wednesday, June 22, 2011


SNOWY: Born - June 19th. Snowy is a rare Sock Monkey who lives in the very cold regions of Greenland. There are only a handful of these monkeys left in the world today and Snowy is the youngest. He loves to romp in the cold, have snowball fights and  climbs trees with branches loaded with snow. When an unsuspecting human walks by, Snowy will jump up and down and release all the snow from the branch, giving you a very cold snow shower. Brrrrrrrr!!
BARRY: Born - June 20th. Barry is a lead singer to a local group called the BoeJoes. There favourite genre of music is disco of course and they can be seen performing weekly in Vegas. Barry started his career in the shower (like most normal people) and one day entered a local talent contest. After winning, his career took off and he and his fellow band mates play all over the world in Disco bars. Their outfits are outrageous and so are there stage antics. Even if you don't like disco, you should watch them just to catch their act - it's worth the banana bunch entry fee.
McQUEEN: Born - June 21st. With a name like McQueen you'd think he'd be a race car driver or something like that. Sadly, McQueen is only a race car "watcher".... like most of us.... This does not deter McQueen from daydreaming about becoming a NASCAR driver - except when he daydreams while driving his station wagon into a tree. Not good McQueen....

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