Saturday, June 18, 2011


PAIGE: Born - June 16th. Paige is a fortune teller. She can look at your hand and within 10 seconds have your life mapped out for you. It's kinda creepy but man can she peg you! She knows your deepest and darkest desires...that's right...all of them. You will find all your futures blogged on her blogspot "" - especially the really twisted ones. Check it out - your future awaits you...
GRACE: Born - June 17th. What can we say about Grace? She is this amazing Sock Monkey who commits her time to fighting Monkey diseases in countries we haven't even heard of yet. Grace flies in with her crew and administers lifesaving immunizations to Sock Monkeys world wide and still finds time for all the little monkey orphans. We could all learn a little humility and compassion from Grace.
TATIANA: Born - June 18th. Tatiana is a stripper at the local bar the Monkey Tail. Mostly she strips down to her undies and then proceeds to do the "happy dance" for anyone who will throw some bananas her way. Tatiana has an old mother to support who needs medical attention on a regular basis. We all know how expensive medical bills can get (and old mothers...). Anyway, you should catch her act and support a good cause. You won't be disappointed.
Author's note: The blogspot "" does not exist - I checked. As a matter of fact, it states that if you want, that name is available to use on Feel free to use it - could get entertaing...

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