Tuesday, April 23, 2013


MAX: April 2013.  Max lies. Not little "white lies", HUGE, out-of-this-world lies. Yesterday he told his brother that their mum and dad had moved and left no forwarding address for them and they were now orphans. Two weeks ago he had the entire sock monkey community believing they were all allergic to bananas because yellow makes you break out in hives. I actually caught him looking up NASA's e-mail address with intentions of sending them a note about alien's living in my laundry room under the stairs. It never ends with Max and every lie seems to be bigger and better than the next. Whomever is the lucky recipient of this sock monkey better be ready for the CIA knocking down your door....
ANDREW: April 2013. Andrew is Max's brother. Not only did he believe what Max said about his parents moving and not leaving an address, he called Social Services and the Police and had them arrested for neglect. The fact that they were buying groceries and treats for their offspring at the local store when they were arrested was passed over until Max finally fessed up. Andrew is now in therapy. Max is in "juvie".

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