Sunday, May 5, 2013



Meet one of my new Sock Monkey lines. Yup, still the same ole sock monkey style BUT, we now have hats! Not just any hat either. These are hand crocheted by me and made in the true style of a northern toque. I am always looking for ways to improve these sock monkeys and mix it up a little and thought it would be fun to "northernize" these guys a bit -  toques were the first things that came to mind.
Sophie, Timmons and Cole were kind enough to volunteer as the first set of sock monkeys to be fitted with toques and they look absolutely fantastic! I must say, the hats worked out well and only took me 3 tries to get them right. Then another 3 tries to make them look good with the ears.... Always an adventure when you're working with a bunch of monkeys!

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  1. Love them! The new look is awesome! Of course!