Wednesday, April 17, 2013


MOM, ARNIE & HIROKI: April 2013.
These three sock monkeys have all been built for different people and charities. 
Mom is a donation to the Catholic Women's League for their annual Mother's Day draw. It will be in a basket with other local artisan's donations and the draw will of course be on Mothers day. So, buy tickets and you could be the happy owner of "Mom" the Sock Monkey!
Arnie is rather special. If any of you watch "Ice Pilots" you will recall a cast member - a mechanic - named Arnie. Arnie was very sick and recently passed away. While he was so sick, one of the Buffalo crew wore the bumblebee socks every day as good luck for him. She also gave them to Jamie, who is Justin's partner (a Buffalo pilot) as she was expecting their child and overdue, to wear for good luck. Well, Jamie had a little boy (Nial) and brought the socks to me to turn into a sock monkey. Let me tell you, these were a well worn pair of socks BUT, turned out just fine as a Sock Monkey. I saw Jamie today at one of my programs and she said that Arnie the sock monkey was a hit with the Buffalo crew and brought tears to a few eyes. I am honored to have made this monkey in memory of a wonderful man.
Hiroki was created for a friend of mine who's daughter befriended a student who was here for a year from Japan. They went to school together in Lethbridge and became good friends. As a matter of fact, she brought him north for a visit and a chance to explore North of 60 in the Canadian north. He is now back in Japan and this Sock Monkey will travel there to live with him. Cool!

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