Saturday, April 13, 2013


EASTWOOD: April 2013. Yup, you guessed it. Eastwood is named for the one and only "Clint Eastwood". Why? Check out his fancy pattern. When I saw the socks, it reminded me of a poncho Clint Eastwood wore in one of his movies "A Fistful of Dollars". Actually, only the upper part of his poncho is patterned. Nonetheless, that's what these socks reminded me of and that's what he's named. I seriously should make him a poncho and a holster with a toy gun, but hey! It's not like me to promote guns among sock monkeys. That would just end badly.
CALAH: April 2013. This sock monkey is from a pair of socks my daughter brought for me. In case you didn't notice, they have hamburgers all over them. The story goes: one lunch hour, she and her friend Calah were having lunch together and every time something was said, Calah had a somewhat bitchy reply. After a few of these "replies", my daughter asked her if the burger she was eating was a "Bitch burger". ANYWAY, Calah just had a birthday and I made the sock monkey for my daughter to give to her for her birthday. The sock monkey is fondly known as "Calah the Bitch Burger". Gotta love those themed sock monkeys!

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