Saturday, April 6, 2013


EVIE, BUNNI & EMELINE: March 2013. These three lovely sock monkey's were for Easter this year. As you can see, they all depict an Easter theme of sorts on their bodies. One has chicks, one has bunnies and one has eggs. Now, I get the whole bunny, chick, egg thing and how they all symbolize "re-birth" and that's what Easter is about. However, I have not been able to find a pair of socks that has a cross on them or the sign of the fish which of course depicts the Christian faith - which of course is the REAL reason behind Easter! Not friggen bunnies, chicks and eggs or chocolate, candy and egg hunts. SO, if by any chance, you happen to find some socks with anything remotely "Christian" on them, tie down whoever is wearing them and steal them for me!
Author's note: Okay, that wasn't very "Christian" of me was it? PLEASE remember, this blog is for fun and a place for me to vent. I hope NEVER to offend anyone at any time - please forgive me if I do.

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