Monday, January 28, 2013


These next three Sock Monkeys are all single ones that were made for people with a specific person in mind. They all went to their respective homes at Christmas and I hear were received with love and big smiles!

This young fellow went to a gentleman in B.C. who happens to be the brother of the lady whom works in the store that I sell my Sock Monkey's at. Walter and his owner Bradley like to hang out together and take long walks in the rain.

When this Sock Monkey was requested, it had to be "red & black" and "you have to name her for my friend Elaine". No problem. I just happened to have a pair of red & black knee highs in my pile and since I haven't named a monkey "Elaine" yet, it worked well. I hear she was received with a bouquet of flowers that had been wrapped in her arms. What a great idea!

When Zinnia was requested, the socks were actually chosen from my pile and named by the young gentleman who bought him. My understanding is that purple Zinnias are a favourite flower for the lady who was on the receiving end of this monkey - all the way in Halifax. what a fantastic place for this Sock Monkey to travel to.
Author's note: You see - not all my monkeys have twisted stories! Some are quite lovely characters and go to fantastic homes. And me? Well, I end up feeling good about doing something nice.

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