Wednesday, January 23, 2013


LIBBY & TOOTSIE: January 2013. If you look closely at these two, you'll find that they are made from "Playboy" socks with the iconic bunny symbol. I decided one had to be a sock bunny and one a sock monkey.
Both Libby and Tootsie have never posed for Playboy magazine but they have been buck naked for the first edition of "Drop Your Socks" magazine (due out this month). Not only will this magazine feature naked sock critters, it will also feature many wonderful and thought provoking stories that most people will buy the magazine for...not for the pictures of course. Anyway, Libby and Tootsie will be the first centerfold and WOW! These two were made for the camera and nakedness. The magazine will be available at your local Adult Entertainment Store and costs only $12.99. Check it out - you're gonna love it!

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