Wednesday, January 30, 2013


CHOPIN, REX, BRAMBLE & SARINA: January 2013.  These four sock monkeys recently went on a Safari in my son's bedroom. They climbed mounds of dirty clothing, dealt with live bacteria from moldy sandwiches and rotten fruit, suffered under the harsh lights of his 500 watt lamp,  battled dust bunnies the size of rodents, almost strangled by unruly chords for Ipods, cell phones and stereo wires and slept in a tent made from old slightly damp towels. These four adventurous souls were gone for over a week before I was brave enough to venture in and wade through the depths to rescue them. Although they were slightly starved after living on potato chip remnants and sticky candy parts, they came out relatively unscathed and happy to take a bath for the first time....
Author's note: Anyone else have the same issues with their teenage sons rooms? No? Just me? Yikes... 

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  1. How about teenage 'daughters'!!
    I'm impressed that you were able to get out of the pit relatively unscathed! Emotionally scarred, but physically okay. Then again..... you were already emotionally scarred before you went in. :)