Wednesday, October 17, 2012


This is "Lord Rosepetal". He is a sock monster. He's got horns and spikes down his back and at the tip of his tail is a small spike. He's actually quite a sweet fellow and would never harm anyone - even with those giant fangs. Lord Rosepetal just doesn't have it in him to be nasty or unkind. Now you're thinking "maybe he's not the sock monster for me then". Well good, 'cause he's not! Lord Rosepetal was created for the towns annual Halloween teen dance known as "Spookarama" and will be given away as one of the donations throughout the night. I would also like to thank my son Weston for naming him. You were right son. Your name suits him better than the one I had chosen. I look at Lord Rosepetal now and can't imagine him as a "Scott" or "Tom" - not that I would name him those, just that he's not one of those. Now I'm rambling.
Anyway, who ever ends up with him for a prize, I hope they appreciate Lord Rosepetal and treat him well.

1 comment:

  1. I think I should dress up as a Teenager and try to win Lord Rosepetal!

    Now, what shall my costume consist of......?
    What color best suits Attitude?