Saturday, October 20, 2012


BUTLER: October 2012. Let me make one thing clear. Butler is NOT a butler. I know, I know, the whole name thing makes it awkward. However, should you accidentally ask him if he's a butler, be prepared to have this Sock Monkey lose it all over your a**. I'm not really sure why he's so touchy about it but just be aware that he is and you've been fairly warned.
PAWS: October 2012. Paws was named "Paws" as he was continually being told to "keep his paws off" or "get your paws outta there" or "clean your grubby paws". You get the idea. I won't even begin to tell you what they were referring to when they said "keep your paws off"...
CLAIRE: October 2012. Sweet little calm Claire. She  reminds me of this tiny two year old I know who is about the yummiest little girl you'd ever want to meet. Sweet disposition, petite features, gorgeous green eyes and what a mischievous yet sparkling smile. Makes me almost want to have another one. I meant another sock monkey NOT another kid!! Yikes! That would be a nightmare!

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