Sunday, October 14, 2012


HAYWOOD: October 2012. Haywood has never admitted to it but I think he's the sock monkey that continually leaves the banana peels lying around on my floors. One time, at supper, I stepped on one of those peels and landed so hard on my butt I couldn't sit for a week. This of course, did not go over well with me and I threatened  to "unstuff" whichever sock monkey it was that left that peel out. Though no one has stepped forward, I have my suspicions as Haywood is always leaving stuff around and he does eat a lot of bananas...
PANDA: October 2012. Panda also wiped out on a banana peel but unlike me, was only laid up for a day. His solution to this problem was to invent a banana peel detector that he wears on his head at all times. It doesn't really work BUT, it's so heavy that it weighs his head down and therefore he is always looking down. He never misses a banana peel now. Clever sock monkey.
OSHAWA: October 2012. While Oshawa has not yet wiped out on a banana peel, he has come close a few times. How he misses them every time I'll never figure out. He has some kind of uncanny third sense that keeps him from slipping on peels. He also manages to avoid getting run over when he crosses the highway in the middle of lunch hour traffic.  Come to think of it, he also avoids trains when he's playing on the tracks and logging trucks on the bush trails. Perhaps it's not a third sense and instead is a "sock monkey angel" watching out for him. Lucky bastard.
LORENZO: October 2012. Lorenzo is continually picking up after all the sock monkey's and never wipes out on anything as he's too busy cleaning up what ever he could wipe out on. I think he's the smartest one of us all and deserves a medal for all the cleaning he does. I also think he knows exactly who is leaving those damn banana peels on the floor and is just too nice to rat him out. Time to threaten him with an "unstuffing" and see how long it takes before he talks...

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