Tuesday, October 30, 2012


FANG, HECTOR & ZINDER: October 2012. Three young sock monsters all done up for a night on the town. Mind you, that would be a night of drinking and debauchery so do they really need to be that done up?? Come on folks, sometimes even a paper bag over your head is all you need to be "done up" enough to enjoy an evening out. Try it sometime, you may like it. Unless of course you already have and it has left you with only sad stories to tell. In which case, don't try it again...not a good idea. 

SKULLY, LORD MANSON & HOCUS: OCTOBER 2012. So, these three sock monsters refuse to get involved with the above sock monsters as it never seems to end well. The last time these three went out with Fang, Hector and Zinder, I got a 3 a.m. wakeup call from the cops saying Skully, Lord Manson and Hocus were strung up and partially duct taped to the Inukshuk outside our Town Hall. Not a pretty sight and no, I didn't take pictures...
Author's note: to whomever decides to buy any of these six monsters, you'd be wise to keep them separated and away from duct tape...

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