Monday, February 27, 2012


OASIS: Born - February 2012. Oasis doesn't actually understand the meaning behind her name. She lives by a giant body of water (which happens to be the 10th largest body of freshwater in the world) and doesn't get the whole idea of "desert" as ice and snow cover her home 7 1/2 months of the year. Why name her Oasis then? An oasis is typically an isolated area of vegetation surrounding a spring or water source which, in the desert, can be a life saving place. I think Oasis (the sock monkey) can be lifesaving as well - depending on who she ends up with and their set of circumstances. We love Oasis.
GYPSY: Born - February 2012. Gypsy is a traveller. He never stays in one place very long and loves to explore new places. He is colorful, cheery, full of life and rather eccentric at times. It's not surprising that due to his lifestyle, his best friend is Oasis. These two compliment each other well and have many adventures together. They will be co-authoring a book in the near future titled "The Oasis of A Gypsy" which will compromise of mostly pencil stick figure drawings... Gotta love these two and their enthusiasm for life.

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  1. PLEASE let me help narrate! I am really quite talented at drawing stick figures. Maybe not for all ages, but still.