Wednesday, February 8, 2012


ELOI: Born - February 2012. Eloi used to be a teacher at the local elementary school for years. He was especially good at teaching young kids how to hang from chandeliers and most light fixtures. This was all fine and dandy until one afternoon when a grade 1 student got caught in the chandelier by her pigtails and had to be cut out in order to get down. No biggy you think BUT, her parents flipped out when they heard her hair had been cut and in the aftermath of it all, Eloi lost his job. Now he doesn't teach anything. A waste of a great mind if you ask me.
CHEE-CHEE: Born - February 2012. Chee-Chee has a collection of plugs. He's been around the world a few times collecting all the different plug-ins he can find and displays them in his den. His most prized one is worth $17.00 at the local pawn shop. It comes from Egypt and is missing a prong - not by accident, but the manufacturer actually missed a prong! Chee-Chee was so excited when he found this he took it to the local Newspaper for what he thought should be a headlining story. He was laughed out of the building and told to go "plug' the story elsewhere. Chee-Chee still collects plugs but doesn't get too excited about his finds anymore...

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