Wednesday, February 15, 2012


DRACO, FERGIE, CORVUS & VLADIMIR: Born - February 2012. These four amazing Sock Monkeys are all siblings - born from the same package of socks I picked up at Extra Foods. So, here's the thing about these four lovely siblings. They all have "Anemophobia" which is, the "fear of wind". How all four of them managed to have this fear is a mystery to me BUT, there you have it, all Anemophobiacs. This of course plays havoc with them when they try to swing from the chandeliers or just move from one place to another. One gust of wind - monkey made or weather made - and the four go into seizures. Don't even get me started when one of them farts - it's a freakin nightmare!! Not only are they having seizures, but they're farting at the same time (and by this time, uncontrollably) and it STINKS!! Once you get them to hold still and not move so they don't create wind, they tend to calm down and aside form the rotten smell, you'd never know they were all in seizures moments ago.
ANYWAY, I tend to keep the four taped down to the desk so there's very little movement. Amazing what duct tape can do.

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  1. For a mean trick, (not that that would EVER enter your mind) when they are having a fart attack, throw a blanket over them!