Sunday, March 4, 2012


CASSIOPIA & PERSEUS: Born - March 2012. This lovely Sock Monkey couple own a cattle ranch in Texas. Every morning they get up at the crack of Don - oops - I mean dawn, and head out on their scooters and round up the cattle for their daily lessons in algebra. The cattle don't seem to really get the equations and the general answer is "moo" so I'm not too sure why Cassiopia and Perseus continue trying to teach the cattle. At one point they thought they had a break through when a young heifer mooed three times to a question that the answer was "three". However, they later found out she was just messing with them and wanted to amuse the other cows. Damn cow.
ANYWAY, I think Cassiopia and Perseus are going to pursue a different line of education - Physics. Good luck you two! 

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