Friday, February 24, 2012


GEM: Born - February 2012. Gem is the original author of the nursery rhyme we all know today as "Mary had A Little Lamb". How is that possible you might ask? Her ancestry comes from a long line of poets and Gem is just her ancestors re-born SO, technically, she wrote it. Her great, great, great, great grandmother's first version was about a "little armadillo" but that didn't go over too well as no  one knew what the hell an armadillo was. It was changed to a "little toad" then a "little giraffe" until "little lamb" was finally settled on. Talk about the people you gotta please just to write a stinkin' nursery rhyme!
GUS: Born - February 2012. Gus rides the bus.  That's all I got - my attempt at a nursery rhyme. I'll finish it one day...
GIDGET: Born - February 2012. Gidget likes to fidget with her digits next to a midget..... not bad. Think about it. I probably used the only words in the English language that rhyme with Gidget and put it all in one sentence. needs work BUT, it's a little better than "Gus rides the bus" don't ya think?

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  1. Gus, Gus.......... I always think of Cinderela.
    Gidget plays with her widgets.
    Gem, wasnt there a sock troll nursery rhyme somewhere?

    For all those that are now hearing in their heads "Gus, Gus" in that cute little mouses voice . . . . . . HA HA