Tuesday, January 31, 2012



HANSON: Born - January 2012. Hanson was made as a special donation for a fundraiser that just happens to fall on the "Old-Timers" Hockey Tournament this weekend. Like most of the Old-Timer hockey players, he has a few missing teeth, his outfit is a little ratty and he's not quite "all there" anymore. Hanson was made from a pair of hockey socks generously donated by a certain Old-Timer, as is his hat, and he is named for the Hanson brothers of the classic 1977 movie "Slap Shot" (which I'm sure all the old timers will remember). The Jersey is made from an extra large jersey sent to my husband from his Union. Since my husband does not play hockey (we are Broomball enthusiasts), he was kind enough to donate the jersey and let me cut it into small pieces. Actually, he left it laying around for days after receiving it in the mail and I tend to lay claim to unwanted articles of clothing, so he didn't have much choice in the matter....
ANYWAY, here he is in all his radiant and toothless glory, Hanson. I hope he helps raise money this weekend and makes some Old-Timer (or Old-Timers offspring) happy!

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