Saturday, January 14, 2012


CARLTON: Born - January 2012. Carlton used to be a doorman at the local hi-rise. His job was to be available at all times to open the door for the tenants of the building.This went well for Carlton until the day he let in an old grandmother who took it upon herself to have a heart attack in the elevator between the 12th and 14th floor. This did not go over well with the hi-rise owner as where she died would be considered the "13th" floor that does but doesn't exist in the hi-rise. I mean right in the middle of those two specific floors. Creepy. Anyway, half the tenants were freaked out and moved so Carlton got fired. The owner realized it really wasn't a necessity to have a doorman anyway, just give all the tenants their own keys. Not rocket science but it took him long enough to figure it out.
TED: Born - January 2012. 'There once was a monkey named Ted, who constantly hogged the whole bed, his wife named Flo, said "Ted, you must go", and promptly shot him in the head.' Ha, ha - Ted's gonna love that one!
NORBIE: Born - January 2012. Norbie loves poetry and especially limericks. He wrote the above one and bribed me with foot massages to post it. Ooooooh... that feels like a good foot massage after a gruelling day at the computer.

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