Sunday, January 22, 2012


EVERETT: Born - January 2012. Everett has always dreamed of living in the Antarctic and mingling with the penguins that reside there. Though he knows how cold it can get and the conditions which these penguins live in and have to endure, it's still top on his wish list. Wow. How many Sock Monkeys do you know that would have that kind of a dream? Maybe to live in the tropics but the Antarctic? Good on you Everett, I hope you make it there one day! 
SQUEAKER: Born - January 2012. Squeaker is kind of an odd sock monkey. Rather than speaking, he squeaks. Some say it has to do with the fact that there are mice printed all over his body BUT, we have a different theory. We here at Sock Monkey Mayhem believe he was secretly implanted with a squeaker toy while I was away from the craft room. It's currently under investigation and so far, no one is owning up. We think it was the cat "Mr. Bean" whom we were taking care of for a few days. Very suspicious that it happened while he was here. We're on to you Bean...
FISHER: Born - January 2012. Fisher sucks at fishing. He tried his luck at a few Fishing Derby's but never did well. Actually, in all his years, he's never caught a fish yet. Seriously Fisher, just because your name has the word "fish" in it does NOT mean you have to be all about FISH!! Besides, fish stink and are slimy, all the things most Sock Monkeys want to avoid. Move on Fisher.

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  1. Maybe Everett would take Fisher with him on his dream trip. I believe the penguins would be excellent teachers for Fisher. What an adventure!