Wednesday, May 15, 2013


SMOKEY: May 2013.  Smokey just recently lost his job and is starting to annoy all the other Sock Monkeys with his constant presence and whining. SO, if there's anyone out there that is looking for a "Toothbrush Tester", please contact me and I'll pass Smokey's information your way. He is amazing at testing all types of toothbrushes and then packaging them to make them look brand new. Seriously, no one has figured out yet that all toothbrushes are tested on monkeys before they are sold in the store - that's how good he is. Sooooo.... call us! Smokey's eager to work again and we're eager to see him go..... back to work that is.
MALLORY: May 2013. Mallory just figured out what it is that Smokey does for a living. She has been puking for an hour straight now....


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  2. Ahhhh!!! Now I understand! Here all this time I have thought that the rouge bristles were just a manufacturing flaw. This morning I took a REAL close look and discovered MONKEY FUZZ!!!!! :( Now my glorious morning moments have been blurred. Just couldn't let us live the dream could you??
    I have to go now. Wheres my floss........