Tuesday, May 28, 2013


SKITTLES: May 2013. Skittles has decided that the end of the world should be on some obscure day like February 19th or November 27th. It doesn't matter what year, just something out of the ordinary. AND, why link it to some comet or planet alignment? Why not something like February 19th is the day Stanley Goosenheiser accidentally trips while cleaning the White House and lands on the "big red button". OR, on November 27th, the DoDo bird is brought back to life at some genetic testing facility and releases toxic gases from his butt that kills humans? THESE THINGS CAN HAPPEN PEOPLE!!!
ZORRO: May 2013. Zorro has a mask. I made him take it off for the picture but he refused to remove his cape. According to him, his cape has all his super powers and if I remove it, he will become an ankle sock rather than the knee high that he is. Not wanting to start a huge debate on the powers of capes, I let him keep it on and asked him to use his invisibility power for the cape. He agreed. Hence, no cape in the picture. I wonder if he'll figure out that I won...
ROCKY: May 2013. Rocky lost a tooth the other night and cried like a man being nailed in the... well, you know what I mean. After we finally calmed him down and told him about the tooth fairy, he was anxious to see what would be left under his pillow. However, he just started crying like a man who got nailed in the nu -oops! Well, he just became a big baby when all he got under his pillow was an old banana and one a pair of clean underwear. Rocky is not very "Rocky-like"....

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