Monday, June 10, 2013


SCOOTER: June 2013: Scooter once had a job as a food photographer and was actually making quite a decent living at it until that fateful day in September. While photographing a hamburger with fries, Scooter saw a young lady with a banana split and vanilla smoothie. As Scooter hadn't eaten that day, he couldn't resist the banana split and attacked the young lady. Not only did he get the banana split and eat in in one mouthful, he also slurped down the smoothie and let out one gigantic belch. Unfortunately for him, the young lady happened to be the owners daughter and Scooter was banned from photographing food at his establishment again. The owner went one step further (as Scooter accidentally bit his daughter in the attack) and had his name blacklisted in every restaurant. Now Scooter takes pictures of nothing. Bad Scooter.
HERMES: June 2013. Hermes rhymes with germies which is appropriate as Hermes is a "germaphobic". He can't touch ANYTHING without having his disinfectant wipes with him or his antibacterial sanitary wash in his hands at all times. Even the simplest thing like opening a door brings out the wipes and wash. AND, you don't want to watch him when he blows his nose - that antibacterial wash can't be good for you squirted up there... Poor germie Hermes.
RUSTY: June 2013. Rusty is an amazing "uni-cycler". He can cycle circles around you on your regular bike and still have time to do wheelies and jumps. He loves to show off and make you feel incompetent on your bike. Why he can even do hand stands while drinking a glass of water and singing the Bohemian Rhapsody backwards. That little Rusty sure is amazing. What's that Rusty? Someone slashed your tire? That's too bad...

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  1. Yet again here I am dusting myself of as I literally was