Thursday, June 28, 2012


McDEE, McBEE, McKAY, McJAY: Born - June 2012. There they are folks. The members of the Sock Monkey Rock Group called "Bush Pickle". It is a rare opportunity to actually sit down with these rockers and chat since they're so busy playing the circuit and promoting their new album called "Salty Muff" which of course features their hit single "McKAY and the Goat". With a whirlwind tour on their hands it's a wonder any song writing gets done. However, these clever monkeys can bang out song after song without any trouble. A few songs to check out on their new album: "Drummer Veto" or "The Bass Players Cut Off" and you're gonna love the blusie undertones to "Mastering the LOOK" which features a two minute solo from guest guitarist McGEE (not pictured above due to intoxication). 
When these rockers aren't on the road, they are at home thinking about being on the road. Come on! Road trips with a band? That beats jobs, family, responsibility and stability any day. Keep on rockin! 

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