Sunday, June 10, 2012


In my never ending pursuit of ways to use bits of leftover socks, I had an inspiring moment when I saw my mother's hedgehog door stop and a light bulb went off somewhere in my brain - and I mean somewhere deep within the far reaches of a slightly off-balanced brain (just keep reading Bev...).
After a few attempts with different materials and larger eyes, I actually looked at a hedgehog picture and made some changes to the "proto-types". A slight tweak to my pattern, a smaller eye, no pink in the ears, shorter spikes and TA-DAA!!!! My newest "Sock Creation" was born!
Now what? Well, as usual with me and the way my mind works, I shall mass produce and take over the Toy Sock world one Monkey, Owl and now Hedgehog at a time. Yes folks, I am that diabolical and committed to pull this off.
ANYWAY, continue checking out my blog as you never know what may show up next in my Sock Creature World.
Author's note: If you are wondering about the Owl reference, check out my January 2011 blog and look for "Not Sock Monkeys - Sock Owls". If you're wondering about the "Bev" reference, just read some of the comments posted on my blogs....Love you Bev!! 

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  1. "Slightly"??? Now THATS an off balanced comment!!!

    OMG! I absolutely LOVE the Hedgehogs!!! I am hoping that you have properly introduced ARTICUS & KELSO to these new cuties. A mistaken identity at this stage could cause so much turmoil in the Sock Monster & Jessica world.