Friday, August 2, 2013


August 2013. So, there I was, wearing my giant white rabbit suit, driving down the highway in my canoe and I got a flat tire. As I am trying to figure out how many pancakes I need in order to fix it, a bright yellow scooter pulls up and off jump Bandit, Ruthie and Schnapps. After questioning my sanity and laughing at my bunny outfit, they offer to help fix my flat. "Great," I am thinking to myself, "now I have a crew of sock monkeys trying to help out."
After much cursing and brainstorming, we finally decide someone has to go to the store and pick up ice cream as it doesn't have any bones and should do the job on my flat. No one could decide who should go so we all went. Let me tell you, one giant white rabbit and three sock monkeys on a bright yellow scooter driving downtown to the grocery store causes a whole lotta car wrecks and mass confusion.
ANYWAY, to make a very long story much shorter, we managed to fix the flat and my canoe was up and running in no time. I thanked my crew, gave them the last of the ice cream and continued on my way to the funny farm where giant pigs can actually fly. Trust me, someday you will appreciate this story....
Author's note: I am running on very little sleep and not enough coffee. The above only happens in my world so don't worry about your own sanity, just enjoy the ride with me...

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