Wednesday, September 25, 2013


HIX, CAPONE & KONA: September 2013. So, here we are in September (we are actually closer to the end of September) and I am only now blogging. This is ridiculous. These three sock monkeys are not impressed with me at all AND, if we go back a ways, you will find another blog that starts out very similar and ends with a promise of keeping up with this blog.
Well, I am here to say that I am only human (although my youngest son would tell you otherwise), I fall behind and sometimes just forget about certain blogs I am supposed to keep up on. I apologize and hope that these three sock monkeys won't take it out on me and destroy my craft room like the other batch did....
I can make one small promise and that is that I will endeavour to smarten up and try to keep up on my blog. After all, I would hate to disappoint my one loyal fan....  


  1. I MISSED YOU!!!!!!

    You tell those monkeys,monsters, owls, trolls and others that if they bother you too much I WILL COME AFTER THEM! Tell them I have a stitch ripper and I'm not afraid to use it!!!