Wednesday, June 19, 2013


ATHENA, LING & PRIME: June 2013. So, interesting story here. It all starts with a water balloon fight that ended in an ice cream brain freeze/head butt incident.
Athena and Ling thought it would be fun to fill water balloons and pelt Prime with them when he got home from the store. Good idea right? Wrong. Un-beknownst to them, Prime had bought a package of Jello crystals and a small bag of pop-rocks, which of course, were stuffed in his pocket and as soon as they started throwing the water balloons at him, he was saturated with water in seconds (Sock monkeys throw fast). This caused his jello crystals to clump and expand AND his pop-rocks to start popping in his pocket - WHICH, can really hurt - or so I'm told...
Prime was soooo sticky from Jello and pop rocks, he could hardly run up the stairs to beat the living snot outta Athena and Ling for destroying his afternoon snack. When he finally made it up, they were sitting as sweetly as could be with three bowls of ice cream and invited Prime to have a lovely snack with them. Well, no Sock monkey can resist ice cream and as Prime was distracted, he forgot why he was angry and ate the ice cream. HOWEVER, they kept eating, and eating and eating ice cream until all three had terrible brain freezes! In order to get rid of the brain freeze, they decided it would be wise to start butting heads and fool their brains into dealing with another kind of pain (okay, they weren't the brightest "bulbs in the pack"). Instead of getting rid of their brain freezes, they all ended up in hospital with minor concussions and bruises and a strong lecture form the doctor about "no more monkey's jumping on the bed", (I think he was on drugs).
ANYWAY, the moral of this story? Sometimes it's easier to make lemonade than pancakes during an alien invasion. Oh yeah... and NO ONE wins in a head butt.....

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