Wednesday, November 14, 2012


ICHABOB: Born - November 2012. Ichabob used to deliver newspapers to the downtown area for a living which ended quite tragically one morning. Ichabob had forgotten to eat breakfast and as he was pedalling along, throwing papers to doorsteps, his tummy started growling. Well, like any normal Sock Bunny, he found a garden patch and decided to pull a few carrots to eat along his route. Not a big issue EXCEPT, the garden was in Old Man Chester's yard... Needless to say, Ichabob made it out with his life but also with a ton of buckshot in his rear end, a lost bike, no newspapers to speak of and of course, no job.  The moral of this story? Eat your freakin' breakfast!!!
HONEY: Born - November 2012. Honey eats breakfast every day and never has issues with her tummy grumbling and is a very "regular" rabbit (if you catch my meaning...). With all that fiber in her belly and goodness running through her veins, Honey hits the ground running and doesn't stop until bedtime. Oh yeah, she also took over Ichabob's job and does it in half the time. He's not bitter.
BONO: Born - November 2012. Never mind eating breakfast, this Sock Bunny might become breakfast if he doesn't stop eating all my Captain Crunch and Fruit Loops!! I've got you figured out Bono...

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