Wednesday, November 7, 2012


DONGLE: Born - November 2012. Dongle likes to dongle his set of "donglers" in front of unsuspecting innocent old ladies and let me tell you, his "donglers" are quite the dandy donglers... Most of the elderly ladies around here don't mind him dongling the donglers as they've never seen a pair of dongles quite like that before - which is why you don't hear reports over your scanners about some sick sock bunny with a set of huge donglers scaring little old ladies. You do hear about it at "Ladies Night Out For Seniors" at the library though...
LACEY: Born - November 2012. Lacey is Dongle's sister and follows him around mostly to beat the little old ladies off him. Don't judge.
Author's note: NO little old ladies were hurt or otherwise visually assaulted during the writing of this fictitious biography. AND, get your mind out of the gutter - I never mentioned what the "donglers" actually were now did I?

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