Tuesday, November 27, 2012


FROGGER: November, 2012. Do you remember playing "leap frog" when you were a kid and somehow you'd always end up being the first in the line of all the frogs and last one to get to jump everyone? By the time it got to be your turn to jump, all the other kids were restless and would either look up as you were jumping over and "can" you OR, they'd flatten out as you were about to put your arms on their shoulders to jump and you'd end up crashing in to the next kid - who would beat you up for falling on them? No? You don't remember that? Oh... Well, Frogger rocks at leap frog.
JONATHON: November 2012. Jonathon is named after the book "Jonathon Livingston Seagull" written by Richard Bach. A story of a seagull learning about life and flight - kind of his sermon of "self perfection". Anyway,  a fantastic read and highly recommended on the "Jessica Faves" list. Now, back to why I named him after this character. If you look closely at Jonathon, he is patterned with seagulls. Of course my mind went to "Finding Nemo" at first, you know, all those seagulls and the "mine! mine! mine!" scene BUT, I made it past that and ended at Jonathon Livingston Seagull. I won't bother you with how long it took to get there and what lay in between but, I am glad it ended where it did. Does it ever end though? So many seagull references and so little space to blog in...

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