Tuesday, July 24, 2012


CHARLES: Born - July 2012. Charles likes to take thumbtacks and press them into the soles of peoples shoes while they're not looking. Most of the time no one notices that there's a tack in their shoe until they happen to throw it off in a hurry and it lands upside down. As you remove it, Charles laughs sadistically to himself and makes a plan for the next "tack attack". You are a sick little sock monkey Charles.
NATHAN: Born - July 2012. Nathan was created with a small flaw in his tail. You don't notice it until he becomes angry but, he can shoot dried navy beans from his tail. Not kidding. AND, if you've ever been zinged with a dried navy bean, it stinkin' hurts! I've decided to take my bee-bee gun out of retirement and use it on him if I have to. Fight fire with fire... or in this case, beans with bee-bees. I'm watching you Nathan. 

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