Monday, March 4, 2013


HOWLER: February 2013. Howler was found peeling potatoes in the back of a french fry shop for some sleazy guy who bought him from a loan shark in Wales. After I rescued him and brought him home, it took weeks to get him out of my potato bin and stop peeling all the potatoes. Man, can you get sick of eating potatoes really fast! Howler is now the happy Sock Monster to a young man named Carson who's very first debit card purchase was this lucky Sock Monster! I hear he's been caught sitting in the potato bin a few times - some habits are hard to break...
VIKING: February 2013. Viking is a true lover of meatloaf. Not meatloaf the singer (although he's pretty awesome) but meatloaf the actual food. I have never really cared for meatloaf (not the singer, the food) and only cook it once in awhile when I run out of ideas for hamburger. Viking however, could eat it 24/7 and never get sick of it. He also makes a mean curry meatloaf dish that will give you gas for days BUT, so worth it!! I'm thinking I should let him cook a little more often and maybe he'll try a different cuisine other than meatloaf. Gotta love that Meatloaf (yes, the singer this time, not the food).  

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