Wednesday, February 27, 2013


TARSUS & KENO - February 2013.

BAFFIN & HIGGENS - February 2013

VERA, PANDA & NIXIE - February 2013.

I must apologize to anyone who still follows this blog (Bev). This month has been rather "taxing" on me and my family, and I have been lazy and not very attentive to things that matter - like my Sock Monkeys and this Blog. I will step up now and remedy the situation by being a little more diligent and make sure that I continually update and blog. Seriously, it gives me such pleasure and it's a great creative release to me so why have I neglected it? But folks (Bev), this is not about me. This is about the above Sock Monkeys. So without further pause, here goes the bios....

TARSUS, KENO, BAFFIN, HIGGENS, VERA, PANDA & NIXIE: All created in February of 2013 and all lucky they made it to the end of February without being dismantled limb by limb. These seven monkeys have been the "bain of my existence" for almost a month with the whole "when are you gonna write about us?", "why aren't you blogging?", "we're important too you know!", "that's it, we're taking things into our own hands - how do you turn on a computer?", "we've decided to vote you off the island", "you friggen' suck!", "snap out of it you big baby!"  I could go on but then I'd just get angry and someone would end up crying - probably me....
Needless to say, I sent these Sock Monkeys to the store and am happy to report they have all found new homes. Except Vera, but she's kind of a bitch.
Once again, thank you my faithful followers (Bev), and I shall make a point to blog more often in the coming month.
Author's note: Vera really isn't a bitch, I just said that for comic relief. And if you believe that then you'll also believe I have a giant living in my closet who only comes out at night and cooks eggplant in the microwave while reading Moby Dick to his pet walrus Barry.

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  1. Hey Jessica!!
    (blush) I am so giddy with all the attention!
    nvm.... its the 'other' Bev isn't it? The one with the pixies that dance with your giant at exactly 7:40 in the evening!

    btw...... Vera spelled backwards is Bev. Well...... if you have three glasses of wine, put on the wrong glasses and tilt your head 8degrees to the left.......
    You see it don't you?