Monday, December 9, 2013



VIDAL: December 2013. When was the last time you went through your record collection and pulled out your "Bay City Rollers" album? Well, I can tell you that I did that last week and am regretting that adventure.  Vidal has not stopped playing "Saturday Night" over and over again and it's driving me CRAZY! He has downloaded the You Tube video, I-tuned the song, has it as his ring tone and is currently singing it in the shower as I write his. Time to flush all the toilets....
CAYAN: December 2013. Cayan is doing his very best to ignore Vidal and all the Bay City Roller trivia he throws Cayan's way.  I mean really, how much trivia can there be? What was their hit? "Saturday Night". That's it. I think Cayan is on a mission to seek out and destroy all things Bay City Roller"ish". Perhaps I'll help...
Author's note: I actually love the Bay City Rollers and am currently singing their song in our band - Yeehaw!  

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